Our shipping is now carbon neutral

Our shipping is now carbon neutral

At Grise, we are constantly looking to reduce our ecological footprint. We categorically refuse to cut our costs to compromise the environment, starting with our partners whom we choose meticulously and up to the materials with which our products are made, without forgetting the equipment of our warehouse as well as our deliveries.

An online sales platform is an interesting solution from an environmental point of view but deliveries remain an important issue because of their carbon footprint. However, Shopify now offers a simple and creative solution that allows online businesses like ours to reduce their environmental impact. Obviously, this is an opportunity directly in line with our objectives and our values ​​and we are therefore proud to participate in it.

The initiative is called Planet and it allows us to quickly calculate the carbon emissions of each of our deliveries, then finds solutions that make a real difference. For a certain amount of money with each delivery, Planet invests in a dozen specially selected companies that specialize in eliminating carbon through various innovative processes. This simple process allows each of our deliveries to remain carbon neutral!

Here's how it works: Planet has partnered with over a dozen innovative companies around the globe. The contributions made by each of the online stores like Grise finance some of the most promising carbon elimination projects on Earth. For example, Running Tide uses kelp, a widespread algae, to absorb carbon and sink it to the ocean floor where it will remain there for over 1,000 years. Heirloom is another innovative Planet-funded solution that uses minerals to sponge-like absorb carbon directly from the surrounding air. These two examples clearly show the impact that Grise can have with the help of Planet and this is only a small part of the solutions encouraged.

It is with initiatives like Planet that Grise can not only sell its sustainability and sustainable products for our environment but also deliver them to its customers in a carbon neutral way. Like what there is much more than just the products that must be considered in the initiatives of a company!

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