From our first meetings to start our business, a value always came up in our discussions which is to be transparent and environmentally conscious on every aspect of our business. In our industry, a lot of brands say that they are respectful of our planet, but have little to no transparency regarding their eco-responsibility on many aspects of their business. This is what we call Green-washing.

For the sake of transparency, here are the actions implemented by Grise Loungewear to ensure that we have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

  • Choice of materials
  • One of the most important environmental impacts of clothing production is related to the choice of materials. Many materials are not eco-friendly but very durable and many others are environmentally conscious but rarely sustainable. The choice of a material that is produced while respecting nature as much as possible, but which is just as sustainable was therefore very important for us, but remained an important issue to be resolved. However, after extensive research, testing and communication with our suppliers, we have managed to obtain materials that meet our criteria, making our pieces ecologically responsible as much by their production as by the fact that they will be durable and can therefore be worn for years.

  • Delivery process
  • Since Grise is mostly sold online, we wanted to find a solution that would allow delivery with products that are 100% recycled and recyclable. For example, our boxes, wrapping paper, tape, ink and promotional papers are all 100% recycled and recyclable. All of these details have greater costs for us but are a core value of our business and we consider it to apply to everything we do, not just in the products sold.


  • Development and production
  • We have the development and production of our products done locally in Quebec City to avoid as much transport as possible. Also, the proximity of our production partner allows us to get to know them properly and to ensure that the clothing teams who produce our collections have respectable working conditions and salaries. It is possible to have pieces produced abroad in an ethical way, but remember that the basic working conditions in several other countries are often very difficult and almost impossible to verify unless you regularly visit the partners.


  • Design of our products
  • Another action that we take to heart in order to ensure that there is no overconsumption within our company is the creation of timeless designs and cuts. We don't want to create pieces that won't be fashionable in 1-2 years, we want you to be able to wear all your Grise pieces for a long time. We also produce in small quantities to ensure that all our pieces will be sold and that there will be no waste.

    Within the team, we always question our decisions with the aim of continuous improvement. This culture of constant questioning encourages us to always find a way to do better, allowing us to optimise all facets of our business at all times, whether for our efficiency or for our environmental impact.


    All this work is done with the goal of ensuring that at Grise, all choices have been carefully considered and that the final decision is the best option in order to achieve our eco-responsibility objectives without ever giving up on durability and quality.

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