Evolve Your Christmas Traditions

Evolve Your Christmas Traditions

When building a business or a brand, there are always values, goals and missions that are named to become the pillars of the business. From the first times we sat down to brainstorm about Grise Loungewear, we raised an important point: The Christmas pajamas tradition.

Each year, most people unwrap at least one Holiday PJ set. Most will wear this outfit for some weeks and it will then end up at the bottom of the drawer for the rest of the year to finally be replaced by a new one the year after. We can easily imagine the ecological damages of this tradition if we consider that according to the World Bank, 17% to 20% of industrial pollution is due to the treatment and coloring of textiles and that to make a single cotton t-shirt, it will take:

  • Over 700 gallons of water (enough to fill 22 bathtubs); 
  • 1/3 pounds of pesticides; 

This problem takes us back to one of the main goals of Grise Loungewear, which is to create practical, versatile, comfortable and above all durable pieces to become the benchmark in high-end comfort clothing. This goal of sustainability of our pieces is ultimately to be able to reduce the environmental impact that the clothing industry has on our environment.

By giving yourself or gifting a Grise Loungewear piece, you ensure that it will be worn repeatedly, on several occasions and indefinitely. You will finally be able to offer your last Christmas pajamas and to make a difference by putting an end to this famous tradition that hurts our planet. Trust us, this new piece will be even more appreciated and worn!

"Dye Manufacturing". Pollution Prevent and Abatement Handbook. World Bank Group. 1998.

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