About Us

We are a company that encourages well-being and wants to redefine the image people have of comfort by making it top of the line, aesthetic and practical. This mission is achieved by creating ethical and comfortable loungewear in Canada through a personalized customer experience.

Our Values


For Grise, respect is essential in all the spheres that compose us. Every piece of our collection is well-thought of to the smallest detail in order to ensure our consumers have high quality clothing. We also ensure a continual respect towards our customers as for the accessibility of our clothes for all ages and bodies through our choices of fabrics, clothing cuts and the partners that we choose carefully.


For Grise, integrity transcends throughout all of our business activities. Transparency with customers in relation to the choice of our fabrics, our confection methods and everything surrounding our activities are of a capital importance. In addition, we partner with quality businesses sharing similar vision and values to Grise.


The essence of Grise is to allow our customers to take a break from their everyday routine to find balance and to feel great with themselves. This ideology extends through our business culture where humans are put up front.


Each cut is carefully designed to respect the unique morphologies of our consumers. We believe that all body types should be appreciated and valued just as they are. Our collections aim to bring comfort, but also to encourage self-confidence for all our customers.


A business inevitably has an impact on its environment, both socially and environmentally. At Grise, we are aware of the impact that our activities may have and we are committed to minimizing them. This involves both the materials chosen and the local partners that we select. We are also committed to minimizing mass consumption. This is why our high-end products are durable and essential in order to last over time. Consume less, more consciously.

Our Loungewear

Our pieces have all been meticulously thought out and designed to fit perfectly into the lives of modern women. The cuts of all our pieces are the ideal blend of softness, class and simplicity. We want to break the fashion of informal and “limp” loungewear by creating our clothes more accessible to everyone. Our goal is to transform the image of loungewear for unique and classy clothes. We consider Grise’s pieces the meeting point of aesthetics, practicality and comfort.

Human first clothing brand

The essence of Grise is to allow you to take a break from your daily routine in order to find balance and well-being. We're extending this ideology throughout each layers of our company where we put humans up front.


Clothing Care

• Wash on a gentle cycle in cold water 

• Do not use bleaching and stain removal products

• Do not put your clothes in the dryer

• Lay flat to dry

• We recommend not to use fabric softeners

• Do not iron

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Passionates that compose Grise

Grise was founded by Shanny, Elie-Anne and Jean-Michel. Their concern for the environment, their attention to the needs of consumers, their desire to promote values that are close to their hearts as well as their unique strengths make them an efficient and human multidisciplinary team.